Gathering Some Practical Knowledge on Spanking Naked Women


thedis08People try various types of things that help them to enhance their sexual drive. It is only done to get the ultimate high or the ultimate kick during a sexual activity. Both men and the women of different ages want such things at some point of time in their life. It really helps in cementing a nice and healthy relation to go stronger with time.


If you look from a man’s point of you, besides just casual sex and masturbation, men also like to spank naked women. Today, in this micro blog, all those men, who are still rookies and are not aware of this sexual subject will learn the basics on how to spank naked woman. For starters, it is better to watch some hardcore porn sites like ‘the disciplinarian’ that will help you to know extensively about the subject of spanking and how it is done. Thus, before commencing to practical exercise with a live women, discuss this subject with her and take her due permission, otherwise such a sexual act will come under the law of ‘domestic violence and battery act’ against your spouse or partner and that may just land you in jail.

thedis15While spanking a woman, you have to take the lessons from the porn videos where professionals show you the way, how to spank naked woman and when to stop based on her comfort levels. If it is anyway possible by you, just meet a professional spanker and he will tell you the different type of techniques and lessons on spanking. While spanking your wife or life partner, you can also use various types of spanking objects like birch, cane, flogger, martinet and whips.


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