Spanking Naked Women – ‘The Pain and The Pleasure’

Spanking” – the definition is simple – “to slap one on the buttocks with your hand or a flat instrument “.


It seems so obvious but the actions involved can be very complex and offer infinite variety to the spanker and the spankee; from the simple ‘across the knees with the hand or strap‘ to more formalised and staged spankings with a variety of instruments



The Disciplinarian website offers you the opportunity to explore whether you wish to learn to spank, or be spanked, or just watch the large selection of spanking videos which are available. As a spanker for twenty years I understand both sides. I am not a ‘spankee – or bottom’ But in learning allowe myself to be ‘tested’. What I am saying is that my site offers you everything you need to know to be a member of ‘the scene’ – top ot bottom!



For the newcomer to spanking we ‘lead you by the hand’ so that you and your partner enjoy the experience. Starting is always a challenge both for the ‘spanker’ and the ‘spankee’. How hard, how long, warnings about the dangers of meeting for the first time. How to develop your expertise. We even offer text pages and short vidoes on how to use each of the main spanking instruments.


Our main business for the past twenty years has been to work with ladies and couples to ensure that they enjoy the experience of spanking. To read more about this go to our booklet “A Beginners Guide to Spanking and Bondage”.


For many people the reality is unobtainable and they have the opportunity to view the huge display of spanking videos we offer you. All of them are spanking videos with ladies being spanked by men or women. The videos are usually set out as scenarios to allow for the storyline. The ‘actors’ are fully involved. These are not ‘play’ spankings but genuine beatings.


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