How To Spank

This is the most difficult, and yet the most interesting , of all the questions connected to spanking. Plenty of spanking videos and stories, lots and lots about spanking but very little INFORMATION about how it should be performed. If you are a Spanker what should you actually do? Where is the best place to spank? What is the best position? Over the knee or not? Why the different instruments and what is their significance.

The The Disciplinarian website offers the most comprehensive information. available on the subject.

Not only can you find out about spanking in general but there are sequences of pictures displaying the use of most instruments including birch, cane,flogger, hand, paddle, riding crop, tawse and martinet. There is even advice on how to make your own birch. SAFE WORD This is a very important article on the Disciplinarian website. It should be read carefully by everybody, man and woman, who takes part in spanking.

Spanking is inherently a dangerous game to play and the use of the SAFE WORD is fundamental to safe practice of the activity.( If you induge in BONDAGE then it is even more important.)

Why the Safe Word? Spanking can bring out the best a,and the worst, in people. The Disciplinarian points out that when a lady offers her bottom to her husband, or partner for spanking she may be creating a monster like ‘holding a tiger by its tail’ as the author puts it! For some it becomes a superb adjunct to their sex life; while for others it becomes a hell which may become ‘abuse’. Make your choice carefully, which is why The Disciplinarian recommends a private introductory session with a professional spanker to be sure you will enjoy Spanking.

Spanking stories and videos are a surrogate way into spanking which do NOT prepare a lady for the shock of a hand across her buttocks, CRACKING down and stinging!

 It is essential from the outset that a limit is set and this is where the SAFE WORD comes in. It is a word the lady chooses which, when she calls it out, stops all action. Not a word like “STOP” or “NO MORE” as these can be used in the play and misinterpreted. It has to be a random word “FISH”, “BREAKFAST” – in fact a word quite out of context which leave no doubt about their meaning.
In earlier times when visiting a stranger ‘spanker’ the lady would arrange for a friend to wait for ‘pre-arranged’ call to say that she had arrived and all was OK. Now of course the mobile phone has made this unnecessary. There is an article in website of SPANKING PROFESSIONAL called SAFE WORD which you will find nowhere else. which explains the safeguards in great detail.
Many men with wives or partners keen on spanking are not interested in it themselves find the chance of visiting a professional spanker very useful. It allows their wife to indulge and does not put a strain on their marriage as the whole action is ‘impersonal’. Some of the actions of the husbands and partners are very strange and The Disciplinarian comments that he had had husbands (or partners) who just bring the lady and spend the time at a local pub waiting for the call that says the session is finished!. Others have stayed to watch. Some of these have been genuinely interested in learning how to spank so that they can satisfy their wife or partner. A final group have actually enjoyed being spanked themselves with, before or after the lady! In one of his articles The Disciplinarian writes about a lady who saw an advertisement in an OTK (“Over the Knee”) magazine offering spanking and, as she knew that she had enjoyed it before, she arranged a meeting with the gentleman. They met at a hotel for an afternoon session. No preparation and the cane was introduced immediately and, within minutes, she had been caned high and low, above and below the buttocks, and VERY painfully. The man eventually stopped when she was crying out with pain, apologized and said that he had never done any spanking before. He then added that he would never try it again and left.
For the lady the experience was traumatic but eventually she remembered earlier times where being spanked had given her pleasure. The Disciplinarian agreed to meet her and by gentle hand-spanking over several sessions he brought back her interest, and enjoyment. I will write a blog on being a professional spanker at a later date.
There are few websites which offer advice but
The Disciplinarian,
Spanking Professional and are three


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