A “Firsttimer” and what she discovers!


Any Spanker has a range of clients of all ages, size and experience and I see myself as a ‘therapist’ who is attending to the needs of, in my case ladies, want to be spanked. You will not find much about spanking men in my pages because these prefer to be spanked – and caned by ‘mistresses or dommes’.It is ladies who prefer men spankers.

 A brief word on the range of visitors. As I said in a previous post they are all ages and sizes. I do not take ladies under 25 as usually their bottom is only now becoming mature enough for spanking – look at the slim young girls in the videos and you can see that few of them have fleshy bottoms which enjoy the hand, strap and cane.


 I also am happy with any size of lady. On I had was 26 stones (165 kilos). Yes that is correct. She used to drive 150 miles from her home once a month for a long spanking session. Eventuallly she finished when she got married. She enjoyed it and I was happy to spank her.

 It is important when first meeting a lady, and long before anything happens, to establish which category the lady comes into. Is she a ‘first timer’ who wants to test herself, has she read spanking stories and videos and found herself drawn by these to try being spanked? Has she been spanked before, and if so what were her impressions? Would she like to introduce spanking into the sex play of herself and her husband? Does he enjoy spanking videos and stories?


 As she enters my house I stop her and tell her that she is entering a bubble where time and morality has no meaning and “Once she enters she is under my control BUT nothing will happen that she does not want to happen. Also that she can say STOP using her SAFE WORD at any time”.

 Once she has entered she belongs to me for the duration of her visit. All of this may seem melodromatic and unnecessary but it does bring home to her what she is doing. She is offering her body to me to spank and is trusting me.

Here is an example of a client who had never been spanked as a child but wanted to ‘test the water’. She had read books and seen videos on spanking and wanted to feel the emotions and pain for real!


 When she arrived I took her into my study and showed her the various instruments which I used and explained that these were graduated in their force. I would work through them as far as she wanted to go and she would be able to stop me at any time with her ‘safe-word’. I would also remove clothing as I saw fit but she could call a halt at any time but at no time would I want her to parade naked before me. She asked several questions about would it hurt and would she be marked but I tried to reassure her that the pain was part of the please and that any marks would disappear within a day or so. She stated that she was now ready.


I took her across my knees and, as I knew how to spank started to handspank her with her dress still on. This went on for several minutes with me varying the strength of my spanks. All the time I was talking to her a frequently massaging her bottom. After about five minutes I lifted her skirt above her waist and continued with my hand-spanking. I had tightened her knickers into the crack in her buttocks so that the bottom cheeks were now uncovered. By now she said that she could feel her buttocks begin to feel warm and the spanks were stinging, although not unpleasantly so. It was now time to test whether she was prepared to have her knickers removed so I slipped my hands under the elastic at the top and eased them down to her thighs. She eased up to help me and made no complaint.

 I told her that I was now going to give her twenty spanks, ten on each cheek with the final ten being hard. If she wished me to stop after this I would do so otherwise I would use the paddle next. She thought for a moment and then said she would like to try it. I told her that I would give her ten strokes, five on each bottom cheek, the last two to be hard. I bent her over the back of a chair with a cushion between her and the top of the chair to get her buttocks well raised. I stood at her side, told her to grip the seat of the chair and brought the paddle down sharply on the left cheek. It landed with a loud noise and made her grunt but no other reaction.padel

 I continued smacking the paddle down and massaging the buttocks after every two or three strokes. Finally came the last two and these were harder and brought out louder cries. I stopped and asked her what she felt. She looked at her red buttocks and ruefully said that she now understood more of what spanking was about. We agreed to stop at that point and she said that she would think carefully but would probably want to come back for a repeat. She was not sure that she would want it any harder or longer at present but eventually she would like to try the strap and possibly even the cane.


The session ended, my lady dressed herself and after a cup of tea left!. She has been back three times since then and now she can enjoy twenty strokes of the strap. Next time she wants to try my ‘nursery’ cane!


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